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SAIL FABRIC: Source and purchase information is at the bottom of this page.

Our S-1M sails are "flat". They are cut from a single piece of flat fabric. The sail pattern is oriented so the leech of each sail is parallel to the finished edge of the roll of cloth.

Here are the prices for Victor sails as of June 28, 2015:
Sails: $62.95 WITH corner reinforcements
Shipping: $ 12.00
TOTAL: $74.95

Sails from Sirius Sails (Don Burwell) and Windjammin start at $100.00. Carr starts at $120. If you get together with one other person, you could make your own sails for a lot less than the $50.00 cost of a basic set from Victor AND they will compare quite favorably with the sails you can buy from the "professional" sailmakers.

Since the sails for the Soling 1-Meter are made from a single piece of flat fabric, they are relatively easy to make. The problem is finding "legal" sail material. That problem has been solved. Scroll down on this page to SAIL FABRIC INFORMATION.

I encourage you to try making your own sails - it could be a lot of fun. If you do make a set, you will have built the "engine" that powers your boat through the water.

Here's what the Class Rules say about sails:

6.0 Sails
Sails shall be single-panel made from woven cloth of polyester fiber only,
The new specs state that the fabric must be from 0.004 to 0.007 inches in thickness.
Sails must be cut to match the Soling One Meter Sail Control Drawing revision dated February 14, 2005.

There is a Sail Control Drawing available HERE (Scroll down to Page 4)
It is posted under S1M Sail Control.pdf (on page four of the PDF).

The SAIL CONTROL DRAWING is also available as a PDF download at the bottom of this page. Scroll down to ATTACHMENTS.

IF you decide to cut your own sails, YOU MUST REMEMBER TO ADD 1/2" TO THE LUFF OF BOTH.

The PDF Attachment at the bottom of this page, Introduction to Model Yacht Sails will be helpful.

Eyerlets and setting tool

Through one of my Correspondents, I found a source of Class Legal sail material. That information is available at the bottom of this page.
For an investment of a few dollars you could make your own sails. You could make more than one set.
If you do this, you would need grommets and a grommet setter for the sail corners. These are available at Michaels or on eBay.
I bought, on eBay, as pictured to the right, 240 assorted 1/8" eyelets
with washers and a setting tool for $9.95 delivered.
Installed on a set of sails I made, they were identical to the eyelets on a set of Spider Sails one of our Captains has on his boat.

eyelets-pliersALSO AVAILABLE on eBay is the eyelet kit pictured below left.
The kit includes
100 1/4" self-rimming
gold colored eyelets (3/16" hole) and the setting pliers. $9.99 delivered.

You also should get sail (or kite) repair tape to reinforce the corners before applying the grommets. Get 1/8" eyelets with a backing washer because they have more "holding" area. The 1/4" eyelets do not require a backing washer.
Sail Repair (reinforcing) tape in various colors is available at
the bottom of this page at MIDWEST MODEL YACHTING


There is absolutely no need to sew the luff hem on your sails. Use sail tape. SEE IT HERE at Brighton Boat Works
This tape is exactly as described: super stick. A 60 yard roll, 1/4" wide, costs $4.75 + S&H.
A well-taped seam presents a much smoother luff to the wind.

After the sails are cut, fold the jib hem against a good straight edge, use a roller, or a smooth object to press the crease down so as to make it as sharp as possible. Then apply the sail tape. Four hands is better than two.

The lufff the mainsail IS NOT STRAIGHT. It has a convex curve. Fold carefully on your luff hem line.

I'd order two yards just to be safe. The price for two yards is still at least 60% less than a single set bought from Victor.

Considering the wind we get in Kings Point, I suggest you consider the Polymax 112 - Or, get a yard of each and build two rigs. One for light air and one for heavy air.

Here is the Sail Fabric information I have received.
NOTE: Their "slow" season runs from Late September through early February.

These prices were current as of March, 2012. Check with Challenge regarding current prices.

Here's the info right from the Distributor.

Nate Masopust <>

I just went down to the lab and weighed a piece of the 3.0 oz utility cloth your class is so interested in.
I get 3.104 SAILMAKERS Ounces (using the correct number of significant digits). So, since the class rules say
'approximately 3 per sailmaker's yard', this cloth is class legal.

Our retail price for this is $9.14/yard, 56" width. We have thousands of yards.
The width on the roll has nothing to do with the weight of the cloth, as one
of the postings on your forum thought might be the case.

We have another, higher performance cloth called Polymax 112, or Part# DPL112.
This weighs 3.1 sailmaker's ounces as well (or 112 grams per square meter, hence the part number).
Retail price on this cloth is $14.60/yard, 60" width. We have hundreds of yards.
This is a ripstop cloth used primarily for heavy asymmetric spinnakers on Volvo Ocean Race yachts.
It is a much tighter weave, and is coated, hence it will have a far superior bias stability than the Utility cloth,
which has only a light stabilized finish, and is loosely woven.

We don't normally sell to the public, but I have spoken with the owners and they say it's okay.
This is our slow season, and we currently would welcome the business.
In normal times, this may not be the case, and we'd have to work out some other way to sell the cloth to you.
(Someone buys a whole roll and divvies it up? It's not THAT expensive, and we'd help out on a full
roll price, I'm sure).

We take orders through email, accept major credit cards, and ship same day.
We can ship on rolls or folded in boxes, and we get about the best rate you
can get through UPS ground, but can use any other method as well.
MY NOTE: IF you order sail cloth, HAVE IT ROLLED, NOT FOLDED.

Here's to a great racing season! I must say I'm jealous that you get to sail
year round while I freeze. Then again, you can't go backcountry skiing
every weekend in FL... so you win some and lose some. :)

You may quote me on your message board. In fact, I encourage it.

Best Regards,

Nate Masopust <>
Challenge Sailcloth

The following contact information for Challenge Sailcloth was
posted on the Yahoo Soling 10-Meter Forum: <>
Challenge Sailcloth, Inc.
> 104 East Main Street
> Vernon, CT 06066, USA
> Phone: 860-871-8030
> Toll Free: 800-962-4499
> Fax: 860-872-0881
> email: <>
> skype: beckybrennan1

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